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Nevet is an industrial design company Specializes in R&D of varied products, with an emphasis on a significant connection between product appearance and product engineering.
The company was established in 2007 by Raviv Angel, industrial designer B.a degree from Middlesex University.
Our goal is to develop products that fit the client's needs and vision.
Nevet services begins in a concept that fit the requirement of the client and goes on to engineering , choosing the right technology, raw materials (plastic 'metal ,fabric and so on), product bom & documentation .
our work aware to production process in order to keep it simple and fit the target price.
The clients are worldwide companies.
Nevet is:
1. IDF supplier
2. Adviser to the Israeli ministry of economy
3. Supervisor of design academy's
4. Iso 9001 standard
 Nevet team includes 3 qualified industrial designers our office is in Gan Yoshia Israel.
We committed to match the product to our customer needs, we will put all of our knowledge & creativity in the research and development process of any product.

:are team is Specializes

First production

Assembly instruction

Product detail


Mechanisms design

our team

Raviv Angel

Tal Arditi

Roni Dagan Hizkoviz